Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Frank Weber. I live in Canyon, TX with my ​wife and my dog. I am embarking in to the exciting world of writing, authoring, and ​podcasting. I enjoy many activities during my free time like golf, fishing, some outside ​household chores, hanging out with friends, and watching various TV fare and movies, ​often for the sake of nostalgia. I am most interested in each person's "story" which ​makes them who they are, what makes them tick, and why they think the way they think ​or do what they do. I prefer to search for these things with a robust sense of humor and ​I hope you do as well.


Your host, Frank Weber, cordially invites you to his ​weekly party podcast--a mix of storytelling in its ​various forms along with other fun party-like ​segments. Each show may include interviews with a ​wide variety of guests, Frank's own personal stories ​often with life and pop culture analogies, reviews of ​classic (and sometimes not so classic) TV and movies ​with Frank's favorite actress, and an Ask Me ​Anything segment. No RSVP is needed, but get ​ready to have a fun comedy-filled time! It can be ​found wherever you get your podcasts.

Your host Frank Weber discusses relatively obscure ​topics that are truly worth talking about, even if ​nobody else will. Through humor and educating on ​what these are topics are really all about, he intends ​to use nuance, history, and critical thinking to ​broaden and deepen the understanding of each ​issue. While a solo podcast for now, Frank intends to ​add conversations with others later to this weekly, ​bite-sized podcast with new episodes every ​Wednesday morning.


A new Substack site coming February 2024! Frank Weber takes you on a ​literary journey consisting of short stories and articles that use his humor ​and comedy as a backdrop for many of life’s issues, both large and small. ​Sometimes the stories are fictional, sometimes they’re not, and other times ​they’re a combination, but all are a commentary on the mundane and ​ordinary to greater issues of society and culture, and all designed to make ​you both laugh and think about life. Check it out and subscribe to the ​newsletter by clicking the link above.


Coming Soon

My first novel is a sci-fi comedy that will not only be entertaining, but ​thoughtful with hidden messages and meainings. There is sure to be ​something for everyone! The first draft was completed in January 2024 and is ​currently undergoing editing.